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    I Love How Sabinus (Mr Funny) Is Carrying His Friends Along

    Sabinus is one of my favourite skit makers.

    But aside from his funny skits, one trait that stands out in my book is the fact that he carries all his old friends along when shooting his skit.

    From Nduka to Festus, Sabinus is giving other talented young people in his industry a ladder, exposing them to a wider audience using his platform, and he tags their social media handles while sharing the work he did with them on his social media page.

    This is, for me, the best part of his craft: building people up.

    And those people he built are growing organically, building their craft and their abilities brick by brick, block by block, and mortar by mortar because Sabinis took a chance on them.

    And tomorrow, when they finally blow, by becoming widely successful as Sabinus is today, they will go ahead and pay the debt forward by giving other young, talented comedians online exposure, just as Sabinus has given them.

    This is how you change people’s lives and destines one Nduka at a time.

    A wise old man in my home town, Ogbunike, in Anambra State, once told me:

    Chukwudi! It takes a village, and Sabinus took this challenge personally to lift as many people he could out of poverty by giving them a platform to excel, and this is why he is the poster boy of this wise saying from the Sage, reminding all of us that truly, ot takes a village and we rise by lifting others.

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