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    Odumeje’s Show In London

    Is Odumeje a pastor, comedian or musician? After his show in London last night, many people have continued to ask this question about the man who claims to have so many powers. And I dare ask, tapping the power of abido shaker used to bring down the dollars, why can’t he be all?

    Before Chukwuemeka Intervention Bida Road became popularly known as Odumeje on social media, he was also into music and had albums to his name. So Odumeje is also a musician, and you can verify this by typing his name on YouTube to watch his musical videos.

    For those asking, in what capacity is he in London? He came to London not as a pastor but in his capacity as a musician. What he held was a musical show. If he had come as a pastor, there are regulations around organising a religious gathering that would appear tedious for his team to put together, including fundraising regulations. And when you look at his smackdown miracle videos and continuous shouts of “ehhh…ehhh…ehhhh”, you can see it will be a hard sell to the authorities here.

    Thousands of people are Men of God, and they are also teachers, medical doctors, musicians, farmers, scientists, and part-time sugar daddies. You know them, and even your Man of God may be a realtor by the side to augment his earnings. Does being a “pastor” stop Odumeje from being a musician?

    In the last few years, Flavour has augmented Odumeje’s musical talent and given us songs to enjoy.

    To me, Odumeje is a musician. To you, he could be a pastor or an irritant. To others, a comedian or a businessman.

    Who is he to you?

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