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    Nigerian Hotels Need To Serve Better Breakfast

    Nigerian hotels needs to de better. One will book a hotel which includes buffet breakfast only to come downstairs to the restaurant to meet Semo, beans, rice, spaghetti even yam. That is breakfast ooo. Then you ask for tea and they present you will Milo, Lipton, nescafe and milk. I am not talking of anyhow hotel. I am talking 4-star hotels. At least one thing I can boast of is that for everytime I visit a new location, I stay in very good hotels cos I can’t compromise my comfort on a trip.

    I have experienced this in Abuja, Lagos and even here in Enugu. Very good hotels ooo. The other day Ella complained that they gave her beans and tea as breakfast in Awka. Just saw another post where they served rice as breakfast.

    What happens to serving these foods below? 

    Don’t tell me it has to do with eating solid food that can last you for long cos you see this, it can take you till 3pm, I kid you not. Let’s do better bikonu. No be everybody de chop eba and rice very early in the morning. There is a reason it’s called a hotel. A home away from home. And please, this is not meant for only a 5 star, a three star hotel can give you this.

    Serve the rice alongside all these, it’s now the person’s choice to choose rice.

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