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    Life Lessons From The Plantashun Boiz (2Face, Faze And Blackface)

    There is something to learn from the story of Faze, 2Face (2Baba), and Blackface that is a relatable life lesson.

    After the Plantashun Boiz group broke up, 2Face entered the music scene with “African Queen,” which endeared millions worldwide to his sound and music. He didn’t stop there. He kept on delivering hit after hit for several years. We danced to his music while he created content for comedians with his personal life.

    Plantashun Boiz

    Faze also gave us “Kolomental” and “Originality” in those early days and went on to have a good run, although not as successful as 2Baba. He was able to hold his ground.

    While there were issues with the trio, 2Face and Faze found a way to keep working on their life, producing music and finding ways to survive in the game.

    Then there is Blackface, a talented songwriter who released “Ahead of the Game” and “Erimma,” but then he started doing something interesting too.

    Blackface blamed 2Face for going solo with African Queen, a claim he still holds on to today. He has also called out Psquare and several other artists for stealing his unreleased songs or sounds. Recently, he accused Shallipopi.

    I hope he won’t say Odumeje stole any of his sounds because he wouldn’t be able to withstand the powers that will be released.

    2Face moved on, Faze moved on, but Blackface continues to point fingers at other people till today.

    Granted, people can hurt you and do things that undermine you, but how do you respond? Do you give up or continue to blame the world? Do you take responsibility for your life and find a way to get back up?

    It is a cold world, so you need to keep trying and putting in work. It is never going to be easy.

    The world will continue to go on without you.

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