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    Electric Car Company, Fisker, Loses over $500m after MKBHD Reviews.

    Electric Car Company, Fisker, Loses over $500m after Customers Reviews.

    A YouTuber, Marques Brownlee using the MKBHD handled reviewed an electric car called Fisker and on his YouTube channel, shared his damning observations of the car.

    He did this despite the car company asking him to wait for the software update that they said was coming to the vehicle.


    According to MKBHD, he is reviewing it because the company had made the product public and was actually selling to customers.

    Following his review where he called it the worst car he has ever reviewed, which had over 4 million views and other inefficiencies of the car company, Fisker has now recorded a net loss of over $500m. There are mutterings that the company may go bankrupt.

    It happened that his review was reechoed by the users of the car with less platform.

    And where is MKBHD today, surprisingly, he is still a free man with the right to call any product crap with his reasons in so far as he bought it and is sharing his honest perspective as a user.

    Nigerians are struggling to relate to this because if MKBHD was in Nigeria, he will be arrested first and fellow citizens will defend it because MKBHD does not know what it takes to build a business.

    Note: The car company lied about some features that are not there. An integrity issue. They also sold a product that was not ready not minding the risks this poses for their customers. Nigerians want to wait until people died before they do Quality Assurance.

    Fisker sent him a second vehicle with an updated software. The outcome was no better and he even cited the fact the company was going out of the market as another reason folks shouldn’t buy the vehicle, because there will be no aftersales support. Like burying the dead horse.

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