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    Why You Should Move To Australia Instead Of The US/UK

    If you’re confused about which country to move to between the US and the UK, move to Australia.

    The goodies in both countries are in Australia. Those things you’re avoiding in both countries are not in Australia.

    Of course this is a bit generalised but here’s a good albeit superficial example: the roads.

    The roads in the UK are so tiny that they can exacerbate traffic claustrophobia for people like me. They also do right-hand driving in the UK.

    It’s the opposite in the US where the roads are so wide they can lead to hell. With left-hand driving.

    Australia mediates the two: wide roads; right-hand driving.

    Ditto for houses and housing. Australia is a developing developed country. You can opt for a land and build your own house from scratch. There’s hardly any space for that in the UK.

    If you’re single and hardworking and are like some of those Nigerian men obsessed with lands and properties (ah! Nigerian men love lands more than anything else — they can quarrel over a piece of land more than over a lady), five years of working long hours in the social and healthcare sectors, for example, in Australia are enough for you to not just buy properties, but also invest in ventures that can guarantee you steady income if you don’t want to keep doing a 9-5. Especially if you don’t have too many financial dependents.

    I understand the US also has such opportunities for immigrants. But never the UK.

    So, if you want that life, which the UK obviously can’t give you (no thanks to the meagre income and high taxes), and you feel you don’t like the US health system or security, for example, then move to the mediating country — Australia. If you can.

    Some foolish folks will tell you the reason they don’t want to move to Australia (as if they can) is because of the animals that encroach living spaces there.

    They remind me of the Australian kid who asked me if we have TV and WiFi in Africa.

    Of course our WiFi isn’t as stable and uniformly efficient in our homes in “Africa” as they are in Australia. But we have WiFi. Just as wild life is pervasive in Australian environments without necessarily encroaching its urban and living areas.

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