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    Sky B To Release A New Music Album

    When the nostalgia is over…
    When the sentiment wears off…
    Ask yourself, do you really need a Sky B new record in 2024?

    Maybe one just out of curiosity.
    But like songsssss or album?

    Come on, he should hang it up.
    And I say this with love.

    I could understand if Sky B were an artist who had a good amount of hits from his previous body of work before leaving the limelight.

    But it’s just one viral song from the 07s that we’re talking about here – ‘Am Calling (Ma bebe)’.
    That’s his only talking point.

    There isn’t an extensive collection of his past music to delve into and want more of him.

    At the time, ‘Ma Bebe’ was one of the many big songs that blew from PH City into the South East, which was where I was at the time of its release.
    And I can tell you for a fact that the song was more popular than him.

    He didn’t have a personality too.
    Sky B was really elusive when he debuted that year.

    I bet many people didn’t know what that man looked like then and now, until the recent viral interview.

    I mean, people are making it seem like the return of a mega star, and that’s far from reality.

    All this to say, the cries for new music from him isn’t genuine.

    People are just being emotional.
    The song reminds them of their secondary school/campus days, or their hookups in PH city and Owerri – not much interest in him the singer.

    I see people criticising those speaking the bitter truths about Sky B’s music plans, accusing them of trying to bring him down at this hour of grace.

    Typical of our people to tell you sweet-sounding words and set you up for more woes.

    He’ll listen to their false hype and use the heavy donations to record and promote new songs that they won’t remember to buy.

    First of all, we can’t deny the existence of ageism in secular music.
    Also, Sky B era has run its course.

    I think ‘Ma Bebe’ is enough material for him to make a couple of appearances here and there – while focused on a real job.

    He has a family and huge responsibilities now.
    Likewise fans from that time period, they’re people’s wives and husbands, tired and busy, and don’t have the energy to make him happen.

    His second shot at fame should be used to establish something sustainable.

    BTV reporting

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