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    What I Noticed About The Northerners From My Recent Travel To Northern Nigeria.

    That is the only place in Nigeria where you hardly find a gossip.

    The sense of brotherhood there is unshakeable. You don’t need cooperate or official introduction for your brother to help you. Just make your plea with their language. They’re many languages there, although, there’s a central one that everyone can understand.

    You don’t need to officially invite one over a meal before they join, so long as they are hungry. It’s not shameful to do that over there.
    Food and meat are everywhere and are very cheap. With ₦500 you can eat food and meat to belly full and get small balance.

    Naira still have value in the north currently.

    They don’t have en€vy for each other as everyone is happy.

    But don’t for any reason play with any man’s wife. If you dare try it, na death straight.

    They’re multi millionaires in the northern Nigeria who:
    – own many properties including lorries and trailers but have no private car. Not even one to their names.
    – have no bank account. You must pay him in cash, otherwise, you forget about the business.
    – cannot speak, read or write English. You must communicate him with his language or you get an interpreter who will translate your English into his own language.
    – have estate to their names but have no residential building for themselves and families.
    – have no apartment in the city as they can spend nights inside trailers, lorries or nearby mosques. Mosques are everywhere and they are for everyone.
    – can wear bathroom slippers to important places.

    Women over there don’t flaunt nyansh or dress half- naked to expose their private parts or seduuce men. Those who are into such businesses have their quarters.

    Their girls are most alluring and beautiful and hardly stay single for a long time.

    Northerners and humility are 5&6.  They don’t boast about their achievements for any reason and they’re not provoked to do so.

    Those that have enough food know that they have and they bring it willing for others to eat especially in their mosques. Free foods are being shared and eaten everyday in their mosques.

    They are not saints oo but I think they are better in some aspects of lives.

    I love their ways of lives ooo.

    Guys, let’s give them their flowers .

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