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    5 Steps To Finding Your Niche As A Fashion Designer


    I’ve been getting questions around this, today I have decided to give a simple framework that can help you conquer this forever.

    Today I will focus on fashion designers!!!

    Finding Your Niche in Five Simple Steps:

    Step 1: Write Down Your Top Six Interests.

    Write down the top six things that you are interested in and have passion for in the fashion industry.

    For example, make a list that includes your passions related to the fashion industry, things like designing outfits, sewing clothes, different clothing styles that captivate you, teaching about fashion, marketing fashion products, etc

    Don’t limit yourself here; write down anything fashion-related that sparks joy and excitement within you.

    These are things that, when you see people do them, a strong desire to do the same arises inside of you.

    Step 2: Write Down The Top Six Things You Are Good At.

    Make a list of at least six things (or more) that you’re good at doing.

    Start with all the types and styles of clothes you sew effortlessly, despite how stressful the process may be.

    Such clothes that, whenever customers bring them, you get excited, and if you have your way, you will want to sew that particular style of dress repeatedly. 

    Another way to do this is to list the types of people you wish to have as customers.

    Are they single, married, brides, clergymen, elites, medium-sized, or plus-sized? Now, watch the type of clothes they put on and see how you can replicate the excellence in their designs.

    Step 3: Pick Your Top Three

    From the two lists above, pick your top three from both lists.

    Be truthful to yourself, and don’t pick anyone you are just passionate about but have little or no experience in.

    Step 4: Brain Dump and Research

    The next step in our “finding your niche” project is to write a list of ten (or more) target markets you have for each of your top three.

    For example, if I were to write a list for office wearers, I would write bankers, 9-5 workers, young professionals, business executives, students, etc.

    If I am writing a list for free wear, I will include students, nursing mothers, pregnant women, plus-sized ladies, housewives, traders, etc.

    If I am writing a list for a startup coaching business, I will include beginners, intermediate fashion designers, aspiring fashion designers, and startup fashion business owners.

    This is a very important part of finding a niche for your business because it shows you which areas have the largest market.

    Step 5: Reflect and Make a Decision

    Now that you have picked your top three, it’s time to reflect on your top one. 

    Asking yourself questions at this point will guide you in finding your niche market.

    Look back at your top three, then ask yourself: What topic do I have the most experience with? What am I best at?

    What topic do I have the most content for? Where do I have the largest market size? Where can I easily diversify? Which one of them am I most excited about?

    I hope this helps?

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