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    An Experience With One Chance Robbers In Abuja

    One day, on my way to Zuba from area 10  in Abuja, I  entered a one chance vehicle.

    The driver started saying
    “why didn’t you tell me you were carrying such huge sum of money before you entered my cab? Oh I dnt want problem o.”

    The lady at the front of the cab said “pls let help him na”!

    the supposed owner of the money who was sitting next to me was saying
    “I have been working for my oga since I was 16yrs and I had to take this bag of money and run because he was not going to release me or compensate me”.

    Another man asked how much is this money? He replied
    “it’s in dollars and in a Ghana must go bag in the boot”

    Everything was happening so fast, I had an ear piece on and I could still hear everything they were saying
    But I refused to engage in their conversation

    The next thing, driver asked me what do I think about the situation? I said
    “oga I have no business with what you are saying. Let me get down here and enter another vehicle if there is a problem”

    “There is no problem my dear,
    I want to drive to the police station in order to help this boy out”
    Said the driver softly

    Then all other passengers started begging me to just let them drop the boy at the police station before taking me and them to our destination.

    There was a police in front but this People begged Seriously to pass the road before the check point to their office…that road led to Idu

    The woman in front also said

    “My friend I dey go Zuba like this but this boy story don too touch me.
    You be woman like me na, and we no dey get strong heart
    Make we just get pity for this boy
    Na just to drop am”

    After she said that, I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t say anything again but just sat in the car quietly till they drove me into a bush where there was a shrine, babalawo, feathers everywhere and pots.

    They collected all the money on me,
    made me bring out my phones, showed them my account balance and transferred the little money that was there to them (thank God they had not paid salary)

    “Call your parent now and tell them to send you 100k”

    One of the men commanded and I foolishly  tried my parents numbers but was all switched off.

    “Now go to the person you are staying with or any of your neighbours and tell them to give you 37000 naira, bring it back here immediately
    I will be seeing you and calling you on how to move”
    The baba lawo said and I moved

    As soon as I got to my brother’s work place for the first time ever and told him  the amount of money I wanted, he brought out all he had and even borrowed from.his collegaues to complete it and when I took a different direction after collecting the money, the baba called repeatedly and made sure I followed the same route back to them and handed over the complete money to them

    I remember a very nice car packed in front of me when I was going to get that money and the fresh looking man was like
    “beautiful girl how are you, Where are you going to? Come in let me drop you off”

    While he was talking, my phone started ringing repeatedly and when I picked, the baba warned me to move further and not enter any fine car….. I became so scared🙄

    I couldn’t even pick any call.

    After giving them the money,
    he gave me directions on how to go back home and then said I should get the 100k from my parents and take back to them the next day

    The next morning at home, my uncle Adebayo sent me an open heaven message with the topic “Tackling evil spirits” and immediately I opened the message, something left me and tears flew down my cheeks

    I opened call log and saw thousands of missed calls from my parents and everyone else.

    My brother said his friends told him to slap me when I went there for urgent money because I could be under a spell, but he couldn’t even imagine hitting me…so he just insisted on getting the money….. If only he did, I would have escaped.

    The next day, I heard a news of how a woman was k!lled by one chance in that area and her parts removed.
    Thank God for still keeping me alive to tell the story!

    This Horrible experience still sends shock waves into my spine whenever I remember it And I don’t wish it for anyone, not even my enemy

    And I still can’t even remember the exact place of that shrine except for Idu area 😭

    Please be careful out there🙏

    Written by  Mercy Idu

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