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    My Bus Journey From Lagos To The East For Christmas

    So I took GUO to Enugu yesterday. Due to my impromptu trip to Rome I couldn’t make reservations for my local flight to Enugu when I arrive so road trip became the way to go. Flight Seats were sold out for 23rd. I kuku decided to do the road trip cos my children will not use ear to hear I postponed to 25th where I saw available seats. All die na die.

    From the park, it was funny. They first of all displaced me from the bus I booked online cos I refused to sit on another seat apart from the one I booked online. They said I must sit at the back back with my luggage and still pay them 10k for excess luggage. I have a phobia for back seats so I refused. Fiam, they replaced me. I asked for refund but they said they don’t do refund. One kind staff there now found a way to fix me in another vehicle going from Lagos to Afikpo but stop at Enugu. They gave me a better seat and collected just 6k for excess luggage. We were set to go. So in all, I spent 48k.

    Driver first of all greeted us and said we will arrive safely but warned us not to call him Driver不不. Na that time I know say we are in for a treat. He said we should address him as Chinonyelum say he go fight person if we call am driver不不.

    Immediately he started the journey, he was flying the bus like a plane. The over taking and all was out of this world. I just did the name of the father, son and holy Ghost and sat still. Our driver has siren . You know this siren used by police. He has it. At first I didn’t notice. I thought the police were after us after he did some kind of overtaking until it dawned on me that the siren was from our car不不. I asked my seat neighbor, if it’s truly from our car and she laughed at me and said “ohh, you are just noticing” 不不. We used siren in almost all our journey to the East and not even police or road safety officials cared to stop himh.

    One thing I observed is that Igbos likes to travel during Christmas. The road from Lagos to Enugu was chocked up. There was no place that was free. Our driver was even using one way route and even entering bushes just to meet up. Private cars with families ooo, public vehicles. Like all vehicles leads to the East.
    The police, Military, Road safety, Civil Defense and VIO check ponts were too much. For a 2 minutes drive, there is one check point or the other. We took the Benin bypass. The roads are bad but our driver found a way around it. We left Lagos at past 8am and arrived Enugu at about 8pm. Considering the traffic , we arrived safely and on time. Thanks to our crazy driver不不.

    In all, it was a fun trip. I enjoyed it though. GUO has sane and crazy staff. Some are m*d while some are sane but the m*d ones outnumbers the sane ones Sha. Their vehicles are comfortable to an extent and they have the AC on all through the journey. Our Igbo people are trying. I am proud to be Igbo. No matter how bad the economy is, we still find a way to go home for Christmas.

    Celebration has started. We live once. Enjoy this Christmas holiday. Do not allow anyone dull your shine.

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