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    Basic Things You Need To Know In Excel

    Excel is a very powerful tool. Here are some basic things you should know.

    1. Basic Math Excel is a great calculator for basic and complex math formulas:

    / for division + for addition – for subtraction * for multiplication = to start a formula ( ) to separate functions.

    2. Conditional Formatting:

    Conditional formatting can show patterns and trends in your data. It helps to better visualize data Go to: Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlighting Cell Rules.

    3. Importing data from websites:

    You can use Excel pull data from different websites, data sources, text files, other Excel files or databases.


    =UPPER converts text to all uppercase =LOWER converts text string to lowercase =PROPER converts text to proper case.

    5. Sumifs() Use:

    To add all of its arguments that meet multiple criteria SYNTAX = SUMIFS (sum_range, range1, criteria1, [range2], [criteria2], …).

    6. Averageifs() Use:

    Used to take an average based on one or more parameters. SYNTAX = AVERAGEIFS (avg_rng, range1, criteria1, [range2], [criteria2], …)

    7. Vlookup() VLOOKUP stands for ‘Vertical Lookup.’ Use:

    To tell Excel to look for a specific value in a column (the so-called ‘table array’) to return a value from another column in the same row. SYNTAX = VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, column_index_num, [range_lookup])

    Hlookup() HLOOKUP stands for ‘Horizontal Lookup’ Use:

    To look for a value in an array of values, then returns a value from a row you specify in the table or array in the same column.

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