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    Asake’s Only Me Vs Tuface’s Only Me

    Asake’s Only Me Vs Tuface’s Only Me

    I just listened to Asaka’s song titled, Only Me – the same song whose video portrayed him dressed in priestly vestments with his “co-priests” as they carry out their form of worship as though they are on a mission to outdo Tinubu who has remained undefeated in the art of arranging fake priests and bishops.

    After listening to the song, what I said immediately was, “Where is the song, has it started?”

    I don’t know about you, but the song is so empty (and this is me, not having the right words to describe how wack it is).


    The song started with:

    “We get money-money, we get money” (He said this almost like 30 times in the 2:45 minute song. You can go and count it if you doubt me.)

    Then, in what appears to be the verses, all I kept hearing was:

    I’m classy,
    Make dem give me space
    put body
    collateral damage
    Only me

    Then, he went back to “We get money-money…” until the song ended.

    What a song!

    Walahi, una dey try. How do you listen to such a song and your IQ is not affected?

    If you don’t understand how wack the song is, try to compare it with 2 Baba song of 2010 which has the same title “Only Me”.

    I want you to listen to just one verse of that song by 2Baba:

    🎶If to say na just me
    I’ll be living like I don’t care
    Live my life unto no body dey here
    If na just me I’ll be doing anyhow
    Because nobody go dey there to challenge me
    Nobody supernatural
    Live versus spirit of the carnvial
    The personality no matter at all
    Individuality cannot make us tall
    I sing I sing for all y’all
    Don’t let anybody push you to the wall
    Na community na in make us tall
    Secret society na in break us all
    I don’t want to be talking like a preacher at all
    I no want to do as I sabi pass all
    I know say eno be everybody e sabi play ball
    But arise o compatriot if Nigeria call
    So make you just dey do your thing make I do my thing
    Live and let living instead of to be feeling like a king
    On top of nothing stop the bragging on top the posing
    Because you know say all na vanity vanishing🎶

    It is now 14 years since 2 Baba dropped that song, and even though it is a secular song, not only is the song evergreen with lots of hard work put into it, the song is so deep that even monks will find it worth listening to.

    This is Tuface saying he is “classy” without using the word “classy”. He does not need to be shouting “we get money-money” 30 times.

    I think there is something wrong with the present standard of songs from some of our so-called Afrobeat singers.

    This is the time when the whole world listens to Nigeria and plays Nigeria songs, but what these artists do these days is package empty songs like how Asake did in “Only Me”, then get ThankGod Omori to give a high-definition video and cinematography with a little touch of controversy so that it will cause traffic to their page.

    This is why I am not surprised about the video. Ask yourself, what really is the connection between the video and the song? Music video is supposed to depict the song, but in this case, the video is unrelated.

    That is how you know how empty and wack a song is and also the artist. This is even someone who was once nominated for a Grammy.

    The whole theatrics of using the church and things for mass is so that people will watch the nonsense. Unfortunately, it works all the time because as of today, the song is approaching 1 million views on YouTube.

    So, while Asake disrespected the church by allowing such mockery, he first disrespected the intelligence of his listeners by packaging empty songs that can reduce people’s IQ. All these happen because we allowed it and because we will play and stream it, and because tomorrow, one church minister will even invite him to perform at his or her birthday party.

    It is sad!

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