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    Nigeria Needs To Take Advantage Of Our Health Sector To Attract Dollars

    Nigerians who recently relocated abroad are coming back to do their surgery in Nigeria because it is cheaper to do surgery in Nigeria than in the host foreign country that absorbed them.

    My friend Nkechi, who migrated to the UK four years ago, is the fourth person I know who has come home to do fibroid surgery in the last two years, and the list is long.

    I know another person who came from the US to do postrate surgery in Ekwulobia, Anambra State, because of the cost.

    Nigeria has a lot of contradictions, but there are many things we are doing right.

    One of them is our health care.

    It is not excellent, but it works, and most importantly,

    It is cheap and affordable.

    With less than 500k, you can do a surgery in Nigeria, but it is not the same abroad.

    To do a surgery in the UK, you have to budget £16,000–£20,000, which is expensive.

    This is one reason Nigeria must work in our lifetime.

    We can actually scale this cheap and affordable medical care that works, which is a low-hanging fruit, to a global scale and then attract medical tourists from all over the world.

    This is precisely what India has done.

    We will earn dollars doing so, and our economy will improve.

    It is possible.

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