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    CBN Introduces 0.05% Cybersecurity Levy

    The CBN today directed Nigerian banks to charge a 0.5% cybersecurity levy on electronic transfers.

    CBN intends to implement this directive within the next two weeks.

    This means that for any transfer you make with your bank app, your bank will collect a 0.5% cyber security levy, and the money will go straight to the national security adviser’s office.

    CBN HQ

    For my wealthy married male friends that keep side chicks, each time you send 1 million naira to your side chick for her rent, you will contribute 5000 naira to Nuhu Ribadu’s national security adviser’s account.

    For every 100k you send to your babe for her weekend hair, you just dashed Nuhu Ribadu 500 naira per transaction for a money that he did not work for.

    The irony is that Nuhu Ribadu won’t account for Nigerians how he spends the money we are donating to his office for free ooo.

    Nigerians are already going through a lot, and we are overwhelmed.

    We are tired.

    We are exhausted.

    Today, I bought fuel for 1,000 per litre.

    Food inflation is out of the roof, and Nigerians are struggling to survive.

    The naira in my bank account is, more or less, worthless, but the government wants to collect more money from beleaguered, overwhelmed citizens.

    Why is the government punishing us this way?

    What is our offence?

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