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    Do You Remember This Clipper?

    Do you remember this clipper? As a kid in the 90s, the first time I saw this clipper at the barber shop, I cried and struggled to stop the barber from using it on my hair. With this clipper, your “kodo” or “mala” is sure. There is nothing in between.

    Oga Chima would happily collect ₦5, and ensure the barbing cloth covers both my shoulders and hands to avoid holding his hand. Children dreaded entering his shop because he would tell them, “If you don’t want me to use this clipper, I will use scissors.”

    He made me cry so much that I started plotting a way to get back at him. I was about 8 or 9 years old then. I was passing a beer parlour and saw him there with one babe on his lap, and he was giving her Malta Guinness.

    I knew the babe because I played street football with her younger brother. I rushed to her mother’s foodstuff shop and told her I saw Angela on a man’s lap. Before we got to the beer parlour, Chima was gone. I guess they saw me.

    Ladies and gentlemen, my head saw shege the next time I went to his barbershop.

    Anyway, Chima later married Angela, so that is the good part. They are living in Onitsha now with three beautiful kids. But Chima showed my head shege with this clipper.

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