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    The Innoson G80 SUV Is A Beauty

    I was on Okada, rushing to go rectify an issue with my bank when we heard the incessant honks and beeps of a car.

    The beeps were so sweet to my ears that I turned to know if the car was actually worth it.

    Wow. It was an INNOSON G80! I was still glaring with admiration when it majestically zoomed past us. I felt proud because the G80 is our own!

    I watched the big SUV belittle other rides with its intimidating clearance and weight. I felt very proud of INNOSON.

    Innoson G80

    Owning a G80 marks you high in the list of SUV owners. With a glance, I knew that it’s acceleration agility is no joke. After making some researches, guess what I discovered?

    The fuel tank capacity is 80 good litres. That’s not all. The acceleration could go up 100km/h and it’s an all wheel drive too.

    280 horsepower combines with a 2.4 litre engine(twin turbo) to ooze an insane vehicle capacity.

    The adjustable high beams come in a unique way that is much advanced for night road lovers. With this, you don’t have to keep bothering about switching back to the low beams every ten seconds when another car approaches.
    The IVM G80 comes with automatically adjustable high beams that detects when the next car approaches.

    There’s also the lane departure warning which alerts drivers when they inadvertently start to veer away from their own lanes.

    G80 also possesses adaptive cruise control which regulates a driver’s pace with another.

    The leather works aren’t bad as well. The dashboard has just that alluring design a great car could boast of.

    A thousand and one points may not fully capture the nice features of this extraordinary ride but have it at the back of your mind, that its a car many billionaires should dream of especially as its price ranges between 25 and 30 million naira.

    From all indications, I dare to say that it’s way cheaper and easier to maintain than its mate in the SUV genre called Mercedes G wagon.

    Most importantly, IVM G80 is our own. If wishes were G80 I would ride one!!

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