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    Pedestrian Road Safety Tip

    ROAD SAFETY TIP: Always walk facing oncoming vehicles.

    You should always walk on the same side of the road as oncoming traffic. By doing so, you can see approaching vehicles and utilize both your eyes and ears to stay aware. This way, you will be able to move aside or even step into the ditch if a vehicle loses control. Unlike when a vehicle approaches you from behind while you are walking, relying solely on your ears to detect it, it becomes easier for someone to unintentionally hit you without your awareness.

    Avoid the dangers of distracted walking by keeping your eyes forward, focused on vehicles, rather than on your mobile phone. I understand that listening to music while walking can enhance your walking speed and make the journey more enjoyable. However, you can minimize the associated risks by keeping one earphone out of your ear, allowing you to hear nearby cars. Remember to walk facing traffic and create as much distance as possible between yourself and vehicles.

    It is important to note that there are certain areas of the road where facing oncoming traffic may be hazardous due to visibility, such as hills or sharp curves, it’s safer to walk on the opposite side of the road. Oncoming vehicles may not be able to see you, and vice versa, until they are dangerously close.

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