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    Sabinus gifts 3 cars to his team

    Sabinus gifts 3 cars to his team.

    Mr Funny bought the Toyota cars for his 3 friends and crew for sticking with him since the beginning.

    “Becareful not to increase the standard of a man beyond that which he can nanage”

    I applaud my dear friend Sabinus for making a wise decision to gift the boys he freely brought up, cars they could manage.

    Sabinus has done a lot for them already, free features in skits, free tagging, free promotions and all sorts. Incase you don’t know, Sabinus Charges from 1.5million just to post on his story, and it could be more if he’s making the content.

    Truth be told, without Sabinus, no one would have known any of them, the now popular Azaman who once lost his Instagram account had a free boost by Sabinus and immediately came back on track and now better.

    Sabinus has done what most creatives like myself couldn’t do. It takes a lot to boost friends against your family members. For this and more, Sabinus will be known and forever remembered for bringing not 1, not 2 but nearly 6 comedians to limelight.

    Thank you Sabinwa,

    I am most grateful for your wise choice in picking cars that are affordable in maintenance, has resale values and above all won’t deep hands into their pockets in repairs or skyrocket the lifestyle of these growing comedians.

    Above all, Sabinus has made a statement, letting the boys know they could do better and get the best for themselves when they want, but for now big cars shouldn’t be their priority but working and fine tuning their craft.

    Congratulations Sabinus and the boys.

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