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    My 5 Biggest Takeaways From Josh2Funny’s America’s Got Talent Audition

    My 5 takeouts from Josh2Funny’s latest comic adventure on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

    #1. Contrary to popular belief in some quarters, he did not go to AGT to audition. He went there to pull a comedy act. The organizers were aware, but they intentionally left the judges in the dark so as to pull off that element of surprise. If the organizers weren’t in on it, he wouldn’t be allowed to come back three times in the same audition.

    #2. Just like Daniel Regha, I initially found it cringeworthy when the video started, but as I went on, I started to enjoy it along with the audience who also cheered. Not surprising that Simon Cowell acknowledged Josh as “hilarious” in the end. My realization here is the gut it took Josh to go to such big stage and take that magnitude of risk. That’s insane levels of bravery! E no easy at all; but he did and now it has paid off quite nicely for him. Is the universe sending me a message? 🤔

    #3. Talking about big risks and big rewards, Josh2Funny has now officially expanded his audience base. His act will not be forgotten, and maybe, just maybe, he can be one of the first comedians to take Nigerian comedy across borders like Afrobeat. On the other side, AGT also gained their biggest impression and engagement on Twitter all season, after posting that video today. The organizers defo took a risk and now, more Nigerians who know about the show will follow.

    #4. Consistency has paid off for him. I recall watching an interview 2/3 years ago when his “Don’t leave me” act went viral and some folks wanted to get him on the Ellen Show. He mentioned that he dreamed that one day, he would be able to take his comedy to the world. Oh well, that dream has finally come true because he consistently honed his craft. That’s another lesson for me. Olu, be consistent!! Shogbo???

    #5. Nigerians are the greatest people when we all come together to support our own. There is a sense of pride we all share in ourselves when one of us does great on a global stage. I enjoyed seeing that today. One day, I will bring pride to my country and people like that too. Amen. 🙏🏽

    God bless Josh2Funny
    God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬

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