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    Current Prices Of Cars In Nigeria

    I am posting this so that when I post prices of cars people won’t be asking me mumu question.

    Prices of cars

    Because no be me spoil Nigeria.

    Just to give context between 2012 and 2021 I never drove a tokunbo car…every single car I used within this time span was bought brand new.. i drove 5 of them and I still have two of them till date….so I have an idea what the new car market looked like at the time.

    The 2013 toyota corrolla was 4.8m brand new in 2013.. I can tag my friends that got theirs around this time to confirm the then cost price.

    Today the same corrolla brand new is 67m

    A brand new toyota camry is now over 100m.

    I drove a 2016 camry between 2021 and 2023..it was bought at about 9m and for the 2 years I never fixed anything on it except regular servicing despite my many long trips..in fact it came with Michelin tyres so I didn’t even have to buy tyres.

    So if I tell you that a good tokunbo corrolla is now 12-14m please don’t grumble at me…no be me do abeg…let’s not even ask the cost of a 16 camry now.

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