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  • Ijeoma Nwaogwugwu Steps Down As Arise TV Boss

    On Wednesday, two days ago, one of my favorite women in Journalism and an icon that my daughter can look up to when she is born and older, Ijeoma Nwaogwugwu, quietly stepped down as the MD and CEO of Arise TV. Her picture is attached below with her former boss Nduka. In her stead, Emmanuel […]

  • Nigerians Going Abroad For Menial Jobs Misguided – Prof Amunda Olakayode

    Young Nigerians going abroad for menial jobs misguided, says Prof. Amunda, Vice Chancellor of Elizade University Let’s hear him: Vice Chancellor of Elizade University Prof. Olukayode Amund has said that Nigerians who abandoned lucrative jobs in the only to be engaged in menial jobs abroad were misguided. Amund said there was nothing that attracted him […]

  • You Will Do Odd Jobs Your First Time In America As An African Immigrant

    FIRST TIME IN AMERICA If it is not an office job, I no fit do am for this Nigeria: hin reach obodo oyinbo land, na factory/gbeya-gbebaba jobs hin first do.😂😂 A lot of people came into this country with unreasonable expectations. Here is the thing: I once did both (odd) jobs in my first few […]

  • Farm Manager Needed In Ogbomosho

    Looking for a farm manager to manage a 700 acre farm in Ogbomosho, Nigeria. Remuneration includes.– Housing– Health insurance.– Good salary.– Profit share. Must have significant experience with large farm(s). Please send CV plus cover letter to

  • Experienced Lounge/Hotel Manager Needed In Festac

    Do you have at least two years of experience managing a lounge, hotel or any other related business/facility? Are you great at multitasking and problem-solving? Then this position might be for you. We are hiring an experienced lounge manager for the next big thing in Lagos – a top-level lounge. If you are up for […]

  • Why Do Blacks Work Too Much And Don’t Like Taking Vacations?

    WHY DO MOST BLACKS WORK THEMSELVES TO DEATH? 🎯 If you work abroad, you will notice one thing among most of your white colleagues – they don’t joke with their vacations and annual leaves. You will rarely see them take up extra shifts nor work on Bank holidays (public holidays). But not most of your […]

  • How To Get Your First Job Or Internship As A Developer, Designer, Or A PM

    How to get your first Job or internship as a developer, designer, or a PM. Took a while to complete this. Please share. Good luck to everyone out there looking for their first internship/junior roles. First, know that the definition of internship has slowly changed over the years, it used to be “come let us […]

  • Family Issues: When a man Looses his Job

    As a gainfully employed married man, if Jonathan spent $100 everyday for the next 5 years without doing anything else, he will have spent only his yearly salary. For that was the size of his annual income. But suddenly, without warning, Jonathan lost his Job and lost all his benefits. A job he only held […]


    10 SOFT SKILLS THAT CAN MAKE YOU MONEY ABROAD. 💰💵💷💶 Dear young person, do you know that there are some soft skills you can learn that can change your life abroad? Some of these simple skills can save you money, provide you with income, or form the foundation of a very good, profitable business. DRIVING […]

  • To Be Employed, You Have To Create Value

    I know emotional blackmail or manipulation is a thing with Nigerians… But please try not to say you need a job because you are hungry. Your hunger is valid. But nobody hires you for the primary purpose of feeding you. There’s CSR for that. I don’t know any entrepreneur who gives jobs from a place […]