Some Courses That Pay Higher Than Nursing Abroad

There are lots of courses that we don’t know about in Nigeria and that’s why everyone keep saying I want to do nursing, even when I meet Nigerian here they are either planning to study nursing at a point or already studying nursing. I have nothing against Nursing. I have a lot of nurses who are my friend in this space but I want talk about those other courses you neglect or rather don’t know about so you can consider them if you want to japa with school

I was discussing with the Team lead for Occupational therapy and she was lamenting about how stressed she was because they are so short staffed. I asked her if they have advertised to employ more staff and she said yes but they aren’t getting applicants, no one is applying for it. I said are you guys ready to employ candidates from abroad and she said yes but still no one is applying either so she doesn’t just know

So there are courses that once you finish you won’t have to go back to shifts or care jobs because you can’t get a job. This courses are hot cake and you should be looking at them if you are in considering switching to healthcare

1. Occupational therapy
2. Physiotherapy
3. Speech and language therapy
4. Nutrition and Dietetics
6. Podiatry

From my experience working here for a few months, this course are short staffed. Pls stop the it is either Nursing or Public Health. You can apply for them as a Masters degree for 2 years and then qualify and start as a band 5 and then grow your career and you don’t even have to be in healthcare to study them in Masters degree.

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