I Understand That Man That Burnt His Certificates

There is a trending video of a man burning his certificate after remaining jobless for 13 years after graduation.

That video has gone viral on social media. I watched it several times and could feel his pain.

At some point, I felt like letting the tears in my eyes just pour out.

While I don’t support his actions, I tend to understand him.

Hardship will make you look back at your life.

You will look back and say to yourself, but I have done this na. I finished well. I graduated with good grades. I invested in my education. I drank Garri and bought books to read thinking when I am done I will be a big man.

Why am I still like this?

And when you look back and see people who are not even up to your class educationally, doi g well for themselves, you begin to question God and ask if he is partial.

I found myself in his shoes.

I remember finishing my HND and I searched for a job for over 7 months. I was sending applications everywhere. Paying transport to offices and companies to employ me. At the dying minute, when I had seen shege and a little touch of Dan-buro-uba, a private school called me and offered me a job with a monthly salary of 10k for a start.

Saying this makes me laugh.

Before the month ends, I will be owing the Mama who sells food in the school 7k. When my salary is paid I take 3k home.

I will go to the provision shop in my area and buy one Hollandia yogurt because I can’t k!ll myself by myself. The 2k will be used for data and airtime and small Pepper and Maggi.

Yet I was a graduate.

Yet I graduated as a first-class student.

Yet those who didn’t even further were driving cars and living fine.

I have decided that my children will do both.

They will learn a handwork, and go to school. Not just a handwork. They will have 3 handworks at the tip of their fingers.

Something they can easily fall back to and earn money for themselves.

The world is a competitive place. Gone are the days when your certificate feeds you. Today a good job is gotten by luck, connection, and God’s grace.

As for me, I will not burn my certificate even though I do not need it.

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