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    Why I Stopped Eating Cucumber

    In early 2015, I stopped eating cucumber. Anytime I go to Ogige Market Nsukka, every cucumber I saw had this mental picture of what happened at Okeke Hostel. Okeke Hostel is a female hostel in UNN. A hostel before Isa-Kaita.

    Let me gist you. Listen!

    2015 was my final year in the university. I graduated the same year.

    That evening, we heard that a female student, one of those fellowship and churcheous girls had a large cucumber broken inside her ivena ivena.

    Wait ooo…

    I don’t understand.

    How did huge chunk of cucumber find its way into her akantropanhispindum?

    I must find out.

    I rode on my CY 80 motorcycle to Okeke Hostel. This gist must not pass me by. A writer is a crazy and inquisitive fellow who wants every detail, now or tomorrow.

    We gathered that she was taken to the University of Nigeria’s Medical Center, as she was bleeding like someone nwere miscarriage.

    I only went to see a patient in the hospital and say sorry to her. Don’t look me like that. Na humanity sake. Na sorry I want to tell am.

    You mean, fellowship girl was hitting herself with cucumber, in the hostel, when her roommates weren’t around, and it got broken inside?

    Oh, she screamed and bled. They rushed her to medical center. Wow.

    I wasn’t the only one who heard the news and rushed to the school Medical Center to say sorry to our dearest comrade, others did.

    We only wanted to say sorry and also ask how cucumber was able to penetrate there and break. What a miracle!

    Guess what?

    The girl ran away. Nobody could account for her whereabouts. She escaped from the medical center and disappeared.

    “Ataa m cucumber” was trending in UNN back then.

    Towards December 2015, Okeke Hostel catch fire.

    We said that it’s because of inikwiti happening in that hostel that got it burnt.

    School days sweet die…

    I paused, cucumber paused; everyone paused!

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