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How Hackers Are Stealing Facebook Accounts Using Birthdays

It is now common to see my friends on Facebook lose their Facebook accounts to scammers a day or two after celebrating their birthday.

Since many people are not aware of the antics of these scammers and their modus operandi, I think it is important we discuss that this evening.

So here we go:

1) These scammers are on the prowl, looking for vulnerable people who are about to celebrate or are celebrating their birthday.

What they do is this: on the day of your birthday, they will land on your DM with flowery birthday messages.

2) Once you respond, they have your attention, so they will ask you to send your phone number to them as they have a birthday gift for you.

Being that you are thirsty for a birthday gift, they will capitalize on your vulnerability to strike.

3) Once you send your phone number, they will generate a code that will come to your phone and then ask you to send the number back.

Since you are naive and unaware that you are dealing with scammers, you will gladly send, with an expectation for your birthday gift.

No, be juju be that.

Or some will send you a link and ask you to click on it; once you do that,

That is goodbye to your account, as you have willingly given scammers access to it because you want to get a birthday gift.


3) Stay woke.

Stay alert

Don’t click on any suspicious links you see in your DM.

A friend’s account was hacked, and the scammer sent a link with this message to me via DM.

“Click on this link to see how this person died.”

I simply replied back.

What did I do to you that you want to hack my account?

The cheap Yahoo boy replied back.

“You be mumu and blocked me.”

Don’t send back to anybody any generated number that the scammer at the other end is asking from you.

Your Facebook footprint is one of your digital assets.

Guard it jealously with your life.

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