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    Why do people use drugs to get fat?

    Okay why do people use drugs to get fat? Okay I don’t mean using drugs cos you got sick and you lost weight so you are boosting your appetite so you pop some Omega H3 capsules and that makes you eat like an elephant and sleep like a lion. Why would any sane person use drugs to get FAT?

    I know someone with a body I admired, nice tummy, nice bum and all but she was not chubby and all her friends were. I went away for three months and her cheeks were so pumped out, they looked like they were worked on by a vulcaniser.

    Her tummy looked like she was pregnant and her legs look like a cow’s own. I guess she now fits in with the rest of her fat friends and they look like an adaptation of the TV show Teletubies……

    A girl said a girl with a small statue is likely to be less respected and seen as a kid but one with a huge one is seen as matured and grown. Biko am I going insane or I is that just rubbish? Seriously, how can anyone claim that your weight depict your age or maturity?

    Maturity is a matter of how you address issues you encounter and not how fat your ynash is. Imagine purposely using drugs to enhance the production of fat in your body so you can fit it. That is just annoyingly gross and ridiculously stupid.

    I have not even went into the health aspect yet ooo. But anyway, different strokes for different folks right? Wetin concern me sef? Na me wan marry am?

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