Why do exes always try to come back?

Why is it that exes always try to come back? I mean like seriously? We broke up, deal with it abeg abd move the eff on stop trying to send subtle messages, I am good at reading em and also very good at ignoring em too. I can be friends but back to where we were? You have got to be effing kidding me.

But this girl is probably who Justin Timberlake was thinking about when he sang “Cry me a river”. Dang that girl can cry. I mean she could cry so frequently, I got immune to her tears. Emotional blackmail my backside.

I really do not give 2 effs if you are in London. Does it look like I wanna be making long distance calls? And she ain’t even sane enough to realise this. There is a way we deal with people like this. 

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