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    Helping out has it’s own reward

    This happened to me about some weeks ago. I was walking at night along a road. On my way to buy bread cos there is a woman whose bread is always fresh and soft. The bread is just how I love it and I can’t deny that I get exicted thinking of it.

    Now the woman’s stall is about 15 minutes awau from my place but I don’t mind. Fresh bread is hard to get around here and I was craving for bread that evening.

    I almost got to the woman’s stall and I stopped in my tracks. A thought came to my head to buy suya instead of the bread (Indecision made the dog go to bed hungry right?) so I turnned back and started walking towards the guy making the suya when I got to him, I did not really like the beef there and then I thought 
    “This duya no go do anything for my belle jorh” so I turned and approached the bread seller again. I was almot at her stall and then I thought 
    “Eff this, jorh, lemme go buy noodles at home and eat” 

    So I turned around again and started walking back(the streets are lighted by the street lights so nothing spoil) then a girl abi na lady called me. She was walking with a boy beside her and she turned shy. 

    Shr told me they were stuck at the busstop and she told me where there were headed. It happens that they need 70 naira each to go where there and as it happens, they had nothing. 

    In my wallet, I had 550 naira. The weekend was also coming and my bank had already sent me a message that their ATM cards won’t work until Monday. I looked at them and told them I did not have change of 140 but I intend to buy bread there, if they can follow me, I would buy bread and sort them out (thing again)

    I went to the woman selling bread, she had no change, we went back to the guy selling suya, no change. The person selling akara across the road too, no change. Faced with this, I pulled out my wallet and handed the lady the 500 naira note and told her she can use the money to board a bus and keep the change and I went my way without looking back.

    I got home and bought 10 naira sugar, 20naira Pure water (Ice cold though) and 20 naira groundnut. A good thing I had correct sour Ijebu Garri at home.

    While attacking the garri, I thought about my changing my decision about what to buy, how i moved from the suya guy to the bread seller. Walking around the road like I had no destination and I thought

    “What if the reason I could not make a choice was cos the girl said a prayer to whatever god she served or whoever is watching her made wanted to get her home safely hence I was delayed so that I would pass her and I would be able to help her and her bro out?”

    I thought about it again and shook my head, dipped my spoon into mt cup of really cold garri and groundnuts, brought the spoon out and emptied the content into my mouth while watchin Pirates of the Carribean 4 on my PC. 

    I drank garri that weekend no be small.

    Prudence, bad decision, helping out, bad planning, not having plans before leaving home, not minding my darned business, or whatever it is anyone would call it. 

    I look at the issue from the lady’s point of view right now and I smiled. 

    The sun is rising. Have a great day.

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