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    I hate conflicts

    Why is it that we tend to try to control everything around us? Seriously, it is annoying and boring. I am also guilty of this.

    We as humans love when thing go according to plans and hence we try to drive all factors towards that line. The factor include other humans by the way. But sometimes, it is better to watch them do what they want to do and make your own plans for your hapiness. You cannot control humans, I have always said it; humans will do what they want. All you can do is tell them what you want and leave them to do what they want.

    If someone does not care to take time to say hi, say hi and when you get bored, leave the person. Na by force? Do not try to lord over people as that does not show their worth as friends. A true friend would do things that you would have your interest even without you compelling him/her to do so and if your friends don’t do that, sit back and know your limits.

    What is the point in asking a friend that he/she is free to do everything else except one thing and that person still ends up doing what you specifically ask him/her not to do? I mean where is the sense in that? It does not even deserve getting angry over na. The person just showed that your wishes no matter how silly is not respected and you should keep your wishes in your gut next time.

    I don’t like conflict resolution so I avoid conflicts ooo. Some popo head will now call me and start asking what happened between the two of us like it is a village court. God forbid make I allow this standards of mine to crash

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