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    What Makes a Monster, What Makes a Man?

    So Jehovah’s Witnesses have this kiddies book called “My book of Bible Stories”. It is supposed to be a book which shares stories in the bible. It was compilled for kids to learn and draw inspiration from and also set them on the right track bla bla bla. Looking back to those book, I don’t think they gave it the right name, that book is not a book of Bible stories, It should be titled “My Book of Horror Stories

    Like seriously, who compiles a book for kids and a lot of the stories include deaths, war, pestilence, famine and a good dose of Stuff from the book of Revelations. Nightmare stuff I tell ya.

    So because of my Insomnia, I have decided to take a peek and see what made me this, the cartoons I watched, movies I saw and books I have read have made me who and what I am. It has carved my personality and even helped me understand some degree of stuff. Like Pocahontas now, who ever thought John Smith will not eventually marry the girl? Hey, it is the reality of life. You might not get that girl so stop trying to die for her so you can have her. Die for her cos it is the right thingsounds messed up right? Now you know what my life and head feels like. 

    Well, I will be writting some articles about a theme I got from “The Hunchback of Notrè Dame. It is a question which we need to answer and in answering the question, we can understand a lot of things that is wrong with the world and we as human and our interactions with other humans and maybe animals **shrugs**

    It is weird that we can draw so much from one sentence. Believe me, I can spin a well constructed sentence into 10 different articles each making more sense than the last. This sentence is simple and I don’t know why it has gotten me thinking these days but it has. The sentence and question is this….

    “What makes a monster and what makes a man?” by Loba.

    So the question is the lesson to be learnt from the cartoon (Hunchback of Notrè Dame). The lesson is simple enough though: because a child was born deformed and he looks like a monster does not mean he is as he grew up to show that he is more of a man that even the respected Judge Claude Frolo who according to the story Sought to purge the world of sin….and he saw corruption everywhere except within. The story showed how despite him being brought up to be depised cos he was “ugly” his heart was pure and he was good. Of course there were some people who helped bring him up the right way as every story. The bottom guys who we all do not appreciate when telling our tales. Those whose little actions are seemingly insignificant because they do not make noise but are the true heroes who did things not because they would gain but because they thought it was right. I am refering to the gargoyles in this story. Those bottom guys we all fail to appreciate……Humans smh.

    So What makes a man and what makes a monster?

    Lupin was born under a full moon (or a night when the night was full. This is not a werewolve story), to parents who could not afford a hospital but they invited an old nurse to come deliver the mother of her fifth child. She did not really want any other child but she has been taught by the society to agree with her husband. Coupled with the fact that she is Catholic which made contraceptives out of the question.

    During the pregnancy, feeding was difficult as they cold barely afford to feed two of their children not to mention 4 of them and so it was tough. His father, well did not see anything bad in having more children. He stubbornly believed that his paltry wage would be enough even though he knew it was a lie. But like all arrogant humans, he lied to himself and believed his own lies.

    Lupin’s mother pretty much starved throughout the time she carried the pregnancy. She already had 4 children and she did her best to feed them with what she could raise fro, the money her husband gave her and the money she could get from selling vegetables. She went hungry countless night just so her children would eat and her husband would not take the excuse that the money was not enough, he had to be fed and after that, satified in bed even in her weakened form.

    Her body was weak and almost broken as she neared delivery, it was obvious that the pregnancy weighed on her but people assumed it will be okay once she had the child. So she laid on her bed that night, a keresene lamp as the only source of light to the “nurse” and she pushed.

    The nurse got the child out but something did not look right as the baby was not moving, not crying. She knew it was a still born and it saddened her, not because of the trauma the family will go through but that she will most likely be paid (good luck demanding payment from the parents of a dead child. Bad market) she sighed and was about to start cleaning when she heard the woman push again. Another child was coming and this one was alive…….Lupin was born.

    His mother died 2 days after delivery but he survived. His maternal grandmother took him as a baby from the father and nursed him until he was 2 years old and the old woman died so he was returned to his father under whose care his immediate elder sister had die due to a minor illness but since the father was barely around, there was little care and no treatment which reduced his children to four.

    Lupin was seen as a bringer of badluck by his father. He was blamed for the death of his mother, twin, sister and grand mother (I doubt serial killers have records this good sef) and his father made sure everyone around felt the same way.

    His sibling hated him, the neighbors avoided him and he was as alone as the moon that shone on the day of his birth but still he survived. He grew to a teenager and ran away from his life and “home” at 16 to live on the streets living off petty crime and doing odd jobs when he could not find someone whose pocket he could pick…he survived.

    At 21, he was able to fight his way on the street to get a space under a flyover to call his and where he could retire every night to sleep and for the first time, he felt he had a home.

    One day after a light dinner (paid from the wallet of some kid) as he slept under his blanket, he heard screams. That part of town is not new to violence and crime and no one really helped but this was different, it was the screams of a girl, a young girl in pains. With the screams came slaps as whoever was attacking her dealt her wicked slaps which touched soft skin.

    He got up and made his way through the various sleeping destitute towards the source of the screaming and saw the source. In some secluded area, 4 men were over the girl shouting. 3 were holding her down while another was on top of her. He ran towards them pulling out his pocket knife as he approached and fought them off. 

    Blows, slashes were exchanged but he won, he picked the girl up and walked her out of the slum. He walked her home just to be sure she was safe and no one hurt her again. When he got to her gate, he turned around to leave because the girl told him she did not want her parents to know what happened. Räpe came with stigma she could not deal with a Lupin having been used to stigma knew what she meant so he left her. It was a good thing he stopped the men before they did any real damage……

    In the days that passed, he did not see the girl neither did he go and see her until he passed by the bus-stop some weeks later and saw her in company of some friends. They looked rich and well to do. He moved closer to say hello to her and she denied him. She denied ever seeing him and threatened to scream……he pulled back from her, not wanting to create a scene and while crossing the
    road, he got crushed by a truck.

    We humans are so quick to judge, so quick to assume and draw lines which seeks to divide things, we are so quick to call people name. So quick to put people in groups and treat em like sheeps.

    We call people ugly, short, stupîd, annoying, wicked and all sort of derrogatory judgemental names without looking into the details. It is like everyone has ADHD (I know I do and can sometimes be dyslexic) and we are so quick to move on to the next thing without completely dealing with one thing.

    We look at people and before we even give them a chance, we judge them based on what we have heard or what they wear. We seem to have thrown away the wise saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but the sad fact is that we are worse than those we judge.

    Are we really spotless? Are we better than that person we call a thief? A guy calls a girl a slut because she slept with 2 friends but the guy has slept with 5 friends once. 

    We call someone a thief but we did not alert the person at the shop when she gave us the wrong change. We like to forget the wrongs we have done to make ourselves feel good.

    We are quick to judge people in jails without examining why they are there. Sauce Kid said The only reason you should not take care of your child is if you are dead or in jail ”in jail” meaning you tried to prevent the child from starving. Not to get the kid a car but provide breakfast for the child at 6 in the evening. It is not a good reason but that is the only reason.

    Tupac said “instead of a war on poverty, there is a drugs so the police can bother me.” would some of the drug dealers be out there dealing if they had something else to do? Do you believe that Waste disposal dude will be doing that if he had other things?

    Do you think that all the guys that steal purses like doing it? We don’t try to realize that we humans are creating monsters with our holier than thou attitude. We sit on out hallowed seats like the gods on Olympus and pass judgement and make snide comments. “That guy is poor, he does not deserve you” and “That person smells of fish keep her out of my car”

    We avoid people because they are not up to our standards, they are sub-humans whom we should not and can not be seen with. They are monsters we say.

    What Makes a Monster, What Makes a Man?

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