Easiest way to lose a friend

Easiest way to lose a friend?

It is funny that a lot of people think the easiest way is to cut contacts or perhaps stop being present but that’s wrong. You can cut contact and your friend think you are unavailable for some self thought reason or in some rare cases, the person believes thats what your friendship is based on.

People actually have friendship where they hardly talk and even don’t contact one another for weeks and months. Yes, it is true.

You can even think talking thrash or insulting but nah, that is not the fastest way, does not chase your friend off either as some people just dont mind the insults.

The best way to lose a friend is quite simple Stop caring.You might think even if you stop caring the person might stick around but that person must be a narcisist. Stop caring or give the impression that you don’t care and that friend will walk away from you.

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