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    They died pleasurably

    Sometimes I wanna write things like this.

    He walked into the house and saw nothing but darkness. He was glad to be out of the dark and happy to be out of the cold but something felt wrong in the house. He pushed the switch expecting the light bulb to bring illumination but nothing happened. The power company must have cut off his power and so he read for his phone in his pocket and used the light to walk around the house. 

    He was expecting to be alone in the house as his wife had sent him a mail that she would be travelling on a business trip. He returned from his early and did not really see the need to tell her yet. Besides, the network has been hell all day so he just decided to call her the next day. 

    Using the light from his phone, he walked through the chairs and headed into the bedroom. He had a recoverable torch light there and he could use that to put on the generator that’s assuming his wife left any fuel in the tank before going.

    He felt his stomach complain and he remembered that he was hungry but the light seemed more important at the moment. He turned the knob to his room and a steel hit him. He could not really place the small but assumed that it was due to the room being locked. He went for the torch light abi he pushed the little switch on the side. 

    A ray of light appeared in a straight line towards the door to show some clothing on the floor. His wife was not one who littered the place with clothing but he assumed that she left in a hurry, then he turned the direction of the light to the bed and his heart froze.

    On the bed was his wife lying down Unclad in a pool of blood. The blood was still thick and the fact that it was still liquid told him whatever happened happened not long ago. Another thing caught his sight as he saw another body on the bed close to his wife. It was the body of a man and from the position, it showed that there where having a pleasant moment before something cut them in pieces.

    He felt beads of sweat broke on the back of his neck and fear and shock took him at the same time, he did not know what to do and confusion was added to the mix. He just stood there looking at the bodies and a voice brought him back to life.

    “Poetic right? They died pleasurably”

    He jumped and instinctively pointed the torch towards the direction of the light and saw a rally and lean man standing at the door to the bedroom in his hand a large carving knife. The knife glittered and reflected the light of the torch light back to him and the man took a step towards him.

    He took a step backwards as the man took another step. He tried to move again but was tripped bu something behind him and he fell to the ground. When he hit the floor, the man with the knife rushed towards him and with blinding speed was on his as he brought the knife bear his neck.

    “Now you join them wherever they are”..

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