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Wake up and straighten yourself

When you look in a mirror, you see yourself unedited but when you take your picture with a camera, it cannot be relied on as it can be edited and the real image altered. This makes cameras somewhat unreliable but we still prefer it cos it makes us look better than we really are.

That’s the problem with us as humans, we love seeing ourselves when we have been edited and not when we are real hence we do not see what is really wrong with ourselves. He love the sugar coated version of the truth and ignore the hard facts.

Like ain’t a bed of roses neither is it a field of torns but it is a mixture of both. A perfect or sometimes, imperfect balance of both sides and it is our job to make the best of both. The silliest thing we as humans can do is to lie to ourselves which we do always.

Someone said something, “If you lie too much, at some point, you would believe it”. 
Now if you don’t believe that situation is messed up, you are messed up. You are so good at bending the truth, you don’t see straight anymore.

Wake the hell up and straighten yourself then will you be able to look at life from a more objective angle and also find solutions to the little problem you have.

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