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    The Little Things That Annoy Me (My Pet Peeves)

    Isn’t it funny, the little things that annoy us? I have heard some weird and I have weird stuff that annoy me too.

    I hate it when people argue wrongly. Having an opinion is one thing but insisting on something that is wrong is just crap.

    I hate it when people press toothpaste from the top or center. What the eff is wrong with passing the paste from the bottom?.

    I hate it when someone else arranges my stuff. It is annoying and that’s the best way to get those little things lost. My room is a mess? Leave it, there is a reason I left it that way(that’s perhaps why I can’t have a roommate).

    If you wanna go through my phone, you are free to. Read my conversations, check out the pictures and videos, but why in the world must you move pictures from one folder to another? That’s just annoying.

    The laptop is mine and I like the desktop picture just fine, stop changing the theme of my phone or the pic on my laptop’s desktop. They make a statement.

    If you walk into a closed room, close the darned door behind you. Dont you think there is a reason it is locked?

    Dont open my pot when I am cooking, it is rude and annoying.

    Stay the hell out of my foodstuffs. If you want something, ask and I will give it to you. Why dont people get this?

    I dont mind if you read my sms, but when a new one ones in, please tell me. If you open it, it becomes “read” and I won’t know I have a new message.

    Dont browse with my phone without my permission. What? I paid for the data bundle for a reason for goodness sake.

    When you access your mailbox, or Facebook account with my phone, please dont forget to click on LOGOUT when you finish and please stop saving your password and username on my phone. 

    Dont call me my full name(first middle and surname) it jolts me to attention and pulls me out of whatever I am doing as I think there is something wrong.

    Dont call me on extra-cool except you have something important to say or we have discussed it earlier. I dont sleep I know but that does not mean I wanna talk on the phone.

    If you call me three times and I dont pick up, its either i dont wanna talk with you or I am busy, both ways, I still won’t pick up. Blowing up my phone will only infuriate me.

    I am a science student, dont give me info without backing it up with proof. I might just decide to dis-prove your theory.

    Cos you are older does not mean you are wiser. It just means what it is, you have seen more days than me.

    If I am with you, its because I want to stop asking me if I would rather be somewhere else.

    Dont do something and blame the devil. Accept responsibility and lets move on. It is just silly shifting the blame.

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