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    Being Perfect

    Dont ever try to be perfect for someone and dont ever try to find the perfect person. Reason is that we are humans and the only way we can be perfect is if we embrace our imperfections cos that’s what makes us perfect.

    I dont chase women. Call it some kind of impatience but I see a lady that can’t think and make a decision about a guy asking her out as mentally and emotionally weak and so, asking a girl out over and over again to me is pointless.

    I dont talk when I am angry. Most people take this for holding a grudge but seriously, no one wants to hear me talk when I am angry as I speak fire and I dont like it.

    I dont lie, I think it is a flaw cos it also mean I am not diplomatic 

    I always display my emotions hence people ride over it. It just one of those things.

    I dont know how to share. Not personal stuff but a spouse. I get jealous you might say but not violence. The day you cheat on me and I find out is the day we break up. Dont try to explain why cos I won’t even consider it.

    I get moody sometimes and I need time alone. Most times you dont get to know as I will put on a straight face and deal with them on my own. Its just carry-over emotions from the past that I can’t get over.

    I hate it when people talk during movies. I love catching words from the actors and so, shush.

    If I like you, I like you. There is not much that can make me unlike you.

    This is embarrassing to admit (as a guy) I like cuddling. Yeah I said it, sue me.

    And i can’t cry more like I dont. I dont show emotional weakness. It has to do with my childhood and someday I might share it here. 

    If you try to hurt me, I will shut you out of my head and heart. Bot that I said try reason being that I dont think I can get hurt. That’s just my view and it might be false but I really doubt it.

    And I forgive without you asking but I rarely forget. Dont tell me they go hand-in-hand cos they dont. Forgiveness is me not holding a grudge against you and becoming friends with you and not forgetting is not turning my back on you or giving you the chance to do the same thing again.

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