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    On Being An Atheist

    In my secondary school, I was an atheist and for a lot of reasons. I was(am) very inquisitive and I like knowing completely every aspect of the poo I am in so I understand the laws that governs it. 

    My questions bothered on a lot of stuff
    * Pastors and everyone loves to talk about how scientifically accurate the Bible is and crap like that but really is it? Did Joshua not tell the sun and the moon to stand still? Now right here is a major law cos hell the sun ain’t moving and telling a body that is not moving to keep still is a fallacy. Some might think this was in a way of an expression but that’s a lie. It was line with the prevalent thought that the each was the center of the universe and other bodies moved around it. It was wrong and that’s just silly.

    * I have;had a big problem with God. Seriously, He created the world right? But can you pre-exist the beginning? I guess you can bit can you pre-exist your beginning? That is a question a lot of people have not answered. Who/what created God? That is a billion dollar question which religious folks run from cos to them, you should not dig into such well I intend to. If everything has a beginning, then he too is subject to that.

    * Job: we all know his story, he was faithful and trusted God and then, the devil tested him and then he held strong and he was blessed and everyone lived happily ever after right? Bullshyt. That book should be burnt outta the bible. I dont think the information there was accurate. To me, its a mere story to make men believe cos if it was true, then we are in for a really rough and effed up life.

    When the devil was told to test Job, he was told not to kill him right? But his sons and daughters were fair game in a bet between God and the devil? Does that mean God does not actually care about kids cos they seem to be expendable and collateral damage.

    During the Israelites conquest of the “promise land”, God told them to kill every living thing in the are including innocent women and children. Seriously, then you are saying a God which is so loving is so “terrible” I think not.

    *Bring the catholic conquest of the “holy land” you need to read that accounts of these wars, these so called holy men huddled innocent women and children and killed them just cos they were Muslims and yet they were fighting a God which in contrary to John 3:16.

    I guess at some point, I decided to discard certain histories and left some books in the bible itself out of my beliefs.

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