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    The fear of getting married

    I am sorry if this makes me sound like a sanctimonious prick

    I am gamophobic and I have every reason to be. I have had folks ask and say I am gay a lot and all other stuff which is okay cos somehow folks see me and wonder why I stay by myself and that is the only plausible explanation to them but this gamophobia is real. 

    This fear is not because I am afraid due to what has happened to me but because I realize human beings are human beings. You can be in a relationship loving your partner and doing everything you are supposed to do andsomeone else waltzes into her life and that’s it. She falls for him and you are left cold with nothing but memories and questions of what you did wrong. Believe me, I will rather not start than end up there; it is unsettling. 

    One minute you are having day dreams of getting married to that partner and the next you are getting an SMS to tell you she is not into you anymore. Worse is that “Don’t tell me you didn’t feel this way for the past few weeks” Dafuq? I thought it was all coshier. 

    You are playing the Christian guy and respecting her no sex policy while she is busy getting pipe from a guy she met less than 2 weeks and then she comes to you to say she feel hapier with him guess what? It is not her fault, she is just human and that is what human beings are; fickle and unpredictable. So you have no say in what happens and you can get hurt and burnt real bad yet you think I will willingly stroll in and risk it? Seems a little bit more like mashocism which sorry aint my thing. 

    How can one just get around the curve? Not risk getting depressed to the extent of finding yourself on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge (Not the third mainland cos thats just pathetic) and willing to jump

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