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    Religious bigots and Tribaists are worse than animals

    In the words of Jay Z “………this ain’t politically correct; This might offend my political connects……” 

    I think Racists are a lot more logical than tribalists. Yes, I said it and will stand by it any day. Look, a racist is born White, black, yellow, brown or whatever hence they have a different skin color. Note that I did not say skin tone because those light skinned dark, skin arguments are simply slow. 

    Now a White person might look at his skin and see himelf as different from black person or a Chinese which I agree with. Now that does not make it right or any less foolish but that person has an argument. Yes, you can actually see the difference if we all agree to be objective. Still, it is wrong but tribalists and religious bigots? God, religious bigots are worse. What is the difference between a Namibian and an Ugandan? 

    Let me bring this home cos I don’t understand. If two babies are born in the some ward in Osun State, one to a Yoruba couple and the other to an Igbo couple, how can you tell which is which? If the babies are switched at birth and the Yoruba child is given to the Ibo parents, who is going to notice? Heck, the two breast sucking babies are the same color but imagine if one of the couples are white and the other Chinese. See? Difference. 

    Now what separates an Ibo man from an Igala man? It is not skin, not language cos language is socio-cultural so what? If those babies that were switched grow up, the baby given to the Igbo couple will grow up as an Igbo man and the one given to the Yoruba couple will grow up as a Yoruba man. So what is the fuss about? Since y’all dont even have any differences apart from culture. Hell, even accent is based on language. 

    Racists have a better excuse. Tribalists are just silly people with no reason to justify their hideous hatred. Worse are those “all Muslims are evil” people because if they were born to Muslim parents, they will be possibly Muslims. 

    What is the hatred about? Some dead politicians 30 years ago? I doubt people realize that politicians are the worst set of humans alive…..newflash, they are worse than Lawyers and stockbrokers (and lawyers and stockbrokers are supposed to be the Worst of the worst). You people are willing to go on a killing spree or insult spree over some crap you were not born when it started? Hell, how are you even sure you were not switched at birth and the tribe you hate so much is the tribe of your biological parents? Thought about it? 

    I mean feminazis hate men and are justified. Women are different from men. I can’t even tell the difference between a Fulani and a Nupe person. Wait, it gets worse when you hear Anambra folks insult other Igbos. No wait, when Egbas and Ijebus start. What is wrong with human beings? Like did you guys fall and hit your head? 

    If a Christian, Muslim and traditionalist wear the same attire and stand in a line up, can you tell then apart? If 10 different people from different tribes stand together in different attires can you say who is who? No. Why, the difference is in your messed up brain so why not just reprogram yourself? Tribalism is not caused by the people you hate, it is your silly brain reacting to what you put in it. 

    Imagine two broke people fighting over which tribe is better. Two broke human beings!!! When you two can come together and find a way out of your shameful state of hunger, you are dissipating energy and wasting oxygen on stupidity. Funny thing is that animals dont act like this. German sheperds will gladly mate with a boerbul without qualms but a Yoruba and Igbo dating. Most times, hell will freeze over first…… 

    Does this mean animals are smarter than you? Wait, bring a dog from America and one from India and see if they won’t hump. Higher animals my broke single backside. 

    Religious bigots and Tribaists are what they are, worse than animals. Yes I said it.

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