Spiritual Confusion

Spiritual confusion

I think some things are not proper with Christians and mythology and they need being addressed. I am tired of Christians insulting other religions as a result of their ignorance(you do have to agree with me that a lot of Christians are actually ignorant….well okay, a lot of people not just Christians)

First of all, the issue of Satan.
I wonder where the geniuses that translated the Bible into Yoruba got that Satan is Esu(pronounces Eshu) I don’t understand this. How can Satan and Esu be the same person when Esu is a Yoruba deity and Satan originates from Isreal? Or are the Yorubas Israelites?

Esu is a Yoruba deity that is the God of pranks and tricks. He is also the messenger of the Gods has he once played a trick on Eledumate by stealing his slippers and then he stole some yams wearing those slippers so everyone else will think Eledumare did it and he was punished with having to go to the earth during the day and come at night to come and report what happen to the Gods so how can he be this chief enemy of the High God? So so unfair for this guys as his name has been maligned and they see his worshipers as evil people.

Esu is the Yoruba version of what the Vikings call Loki. The God of mischief(forget the movies abeg).

Again, how can you call Eledumare the Christian God Jehovah? Why will you do this? This is a serious case of spiritual confusion.
Eledumare is the Yoruba version of Zeus, the Viking’s Odin and the Roman Jupiter. He is not a Greek, Roman, or Jew. He is Yoruba and he is the King of the Gods. Assigning names to a new God is a form of idolatry you know.

We know Ares, the Greek God of war to be Mars, the Roman God of war but he cannot be called Ogun the Yoruba God of war.

Thor is certainly not Sango
Hermes is not Esu
Hades is not Esu
Satan is not Esu
Esu is Esu
Jehovah is Jehovah
Esu is Esu
Satan is Satan or Satani
Apollo is not Ra so please don’t call Jehovah Eledumare.

These personalities are different and they represent different people

Jehovah originates from Isreal or a Jew
Eledumare is Yoruba
Amadioha is Igbo, Sango is Yoruba and Thor is Vikin
Poseidon is Greek while Olokun is Yoruba so why call call Satan Esu?

These slanders must stop if not, we will continue calling Esu worshippers Satanists without them being that

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