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    Pressure and stress.

    Pressure and stress.

    A friend brought up the issue of pressure and stress whether in a work environment or any other place and I decides to revisit it and try to explain it using mathematical models which I understand more.

    Stress and pressure only sounds similar they as different as day and night although the situation they occurs seem the same just as in mathematics.

    I will be comparing Stress and pressure to Stress and strain. You see, Stress is the ratio of the change in length to the original length while strain is the force applied per unit area. 

    Let me break it down if you pull an elastic object, (rubber for example) the length increases right? Well the stress is the difference between the new and old length divided by the new length. 

    Strain is just the force you use to push or pull an object divided by the area in which you exert the force.

    You see in the pressure and stress thingy, pressure is strain and stress? Well it is just stress.

    In a work situation, Pressure is your superior saying you guys need to push out a document by 2pm and everyone should hustle to get it out.
    Stress is when a superior tells you you will be fired if you do not get it out by 2pm.

    While we see two situations that are almost similar, they are not. While we one encourages you to work harder for the food of the firm, the second is just you being threatened. Now pressure can also turn into stress. Imagine the pressure example and then at 1:30 the superior starts bombarding you with calls and messages. That’s stress

    Pressure is your spouse saying “Please be home early, we have not been on a date in a while” and stress is “Be home early or else I am going on a date with my neighbor”

    Pressure is babe, “I have missed you since you travel and my groin is getting real crazy these days, can you spare me a weekend and I come around?” Stress is “How can you say you can’t come around for the weekend? And if I cheat, you will blame me”

    Pressure is asking me to speak to a member of tma medical team working on a patient and make sure the person is one of the top members of that team
    Stress is you telling me I must speak to only the leader of the team else my report is not valid.

    Strain has to do with pitting pressure on one and putting the pressure in the right place just like Hooke’s law but stress is just you trying to pull me in different directions by that same pressure. Stress is not just uncomfortable, it is damn well irritating. 

    You can encourage your child to be the best in his class and do all he can to come tops.
    Telling that child you will cut down on his already minute allowance is not pressure/strain, that is just stress.

    Stress affects the brain and contrary to what people think, it reduces efficiency. It makes you afraid of the outcome and hence you are scared and don’t want to take chances.

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