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    Original Phone Chargers

    Any friend who steals your original cellphone charger/earphones should not be treated like a friend again. That person is an enemy.

    So I have had issues with phone chargers in a while and I can say I have learnt a few things.
    First is nothing is like the original charger…my goodness, those things are made in heaven specially for your phone and are meant to know how your charging should function and they come with the accurate rated output but when you lose them due to theft(mostly) or it gets bad, you need a new one.

    When hunting for a new charger, know this: All chargers are not the same.

    I classify chargers according to their rated output. I don’t care how fine they are or if they have indicator lights etc…that is bla bla bla. When it comes to chargers, output is everything.
    Most charger output is rated 5v and that is almost standard, you will hardly get one higher but the difference is the resistance hence current.
    The current your charger supplies decides charging time. This means you can plug your phone for 2 hours with one charger and get just 30% while some will give you as much as 75. 

    If you check the output of the ratings are written as 5V~1A. The “A” is in Amperes and it is the rated output current. Most Techno phones chargers have 1A as their output and that is cool but that means if you use a high end Samsung you should not use your phone while charging else it will take a long time to charge. This is because if you check your Samsung charger, it is most likely rated 5V~2A. Now that is some serious charging strength.

    Windows phones too come with 2A and this is the reason you need to keep your original chargers well because it is difficult to get a charger on the market that is rated 2A. I will be surprised if you can get one rated 1A sef. I was quite shocked when I lost my charger, got a new one only to notice that my phone that goes from 0-100% in two hours was plugged for 4 and was at 33%.

    The charger I just got was nonsense. The nonsense was rated 0.75A. That is like if my phone is on 4G and I am browsing, the battery is being drained.

    The next time you go get a charger, make sure it is at least 1A. I got a 2A charger recently and it has been bliss. Did I also mention my powerbank supplies 2A too?

    Okay I have two one has a capacitance of 5,200mmah(output of 1A) while the other is 30,000mmah(this has two output ports of 1A and 2A). The one of 5,200 is the one I take outside and put in my pocket when going out while the other one is what I really call backup.
    Note: The normal USB cable for blackberries(the thick ones) are not okay to charge your windows and android phones that’s because the resistance of these cables themselves is high and a higher resistance leads to less current supplied.

    This post was sponsored by joblessness and my returning insomnia with a nice touch of crazy phone chargers which has had me frustrated for a while until I figured it out

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