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    Friends will come and go

    One of the two things that I have learnt since I was eight is that people can never be permanent in your life. Only a few people in your life will remain through thick and thin and only a few people can remain at that level of friendship with you for a long time. Some people will, be grateful for them but understand that not everyone will. The second thing I learnt when I was eight was the dynamics of flight….don’t ask how.

    There is this saying that “20 friends can’t be friends for 20 years”. You need to let this guide you in everything you do. Realize that at some point, even those you call your “inner circle” will suddenly walk away or you will walk away from them. Both ways, something might happen along the way and you both end up not being so tight.

    Like when I wrote about narcissism, you are allowed to feel bad but do not feel cheated. Don’t ever feel that you gave too much to a friendship and then the other party walked away or you two just went sideways.

    Sometimes, there is a change of interests and you both are not into the same thing or the both of you just “grow up” and the things that kept you together did not seem that important anymore.

    Look, when this happens understand that it can happen. Don’t ever think you invested too much in a friendship. Sacrifices should be done without the hope of getting anything back. I have this friend who said “When a girl gets a new BF, the first thing she does is to forget her male friends” and yet niggas get pissed when it happens….This is already in the guy code. Why do you think some guys don’t even want to be friends with females?

    Look you will go from being best buds to strangers, from chatting everyday to once a week. Fvck, some people will block you and you will block some but don’t ever think of them lesser that you once did. Remember interests change and that is normal

    Friends will come and go, that is a law. You remain and you should strive to be a good human and not just a good friend. That’s what matters.

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