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Types Of Baby Mamas

The out-of-wedlock mother or “baby mama” as we casually refer to these women is a stigma in many cultures, especially in our beloved country Nigeria.

We often hear people refer to these women condescendingly with remarks like; “Shut up you stupid baby mama!”, “Baby mama you too dey talk!”, “Who gave this prostitute of a baby mama the right to speak?”, “Who dash this one voice?”, “Hopeless baby mama!”, “Is baby mama now a business?”

baby mama

The condescending attacks on these out-of-wedlock mothers can be relentless and outright brutal.

In my opinion, they are 3 types of baby mamas, the commercial baby mamas, who deliberately and strategically sleep with a rich or powerful man during their ovulation period to cash in on a quick buck. The second type of baby mama is the “accidental baby mama” who slept with a man or boyfriend, without the proper use of contraception. I am not a big fan of the first type of baby mama.

The first kind of baby mama are the ones who go as far as self-insemination post coitus just to get pregnant. This phenomenon of self-insemination is quite common in the United States of America, where football and basketball players are victims of this scheme hence getting trapped into paying child support for 18 years. As for the second type of baby mama, I can’t fault her, because she was having fun with her partner or man and mistakenly got pregnant. The third type of “Baby Mother” is the ‘STUPID BABY MOTHER’ who stupidly has 5 children or 4 kids with 4 of 5 different men. I recommend she sees a psychologist. If you take a holistic view at the 3 scenarios some women have terminated more than their fair share of unwanted pregnancies and to prevent future accidental pregnancies I would advise a conscious use of contraception.

 In conclusion, let me pose this question; Who is worse? The “commercial baby mama” or “the accidental baby mama”? no need asking about the “stupid baby mother” the word stupid says its all. The commercial baby mamas are worse.

By @dokunolumofin

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