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    Modern day Hitlers

    Anytime I see an article about a superior tribe or race, I get worried. When people choose to say, a particular group of people is more “advancedq than other, I shudder not because it makes them better than me but I get memories. 

    I imagine Hitler, Rasputin, the KKK, slavery, I remember the colonialists, I remember how people have subjugated others on the premise that they are better than them, I remember how the church for decades supported slavery because they felt better and slaves were less than them how the Arabs think they are better than their neighbors, I remember how people have grown in hate, greed and nauseting complexes just because some lunatic decided to grease their egos.etc. You see human beings are normal, until they attend that one conference, read that speech, watch that documentary or witness that first event that sparks off the embers of craziness but Kermit

    A recent article by Reno Omokri who is sadly a pastor or evangelist (dont know and dont care) is not just dumb, it shows Reno to be what I have always though he was; a completely unintelligent person. It is not difficult to know when someone does not use his/her brains but decide to use emotions, political, religious and ethnic logic to ration things out. Funny thing is that this person is not just a religious leader, he used to be in government and is still a relevant person on social media. 

    A race is better than others, a religion is better, a tribe is more technologically advanced than others from the lips of someone who had the ears of Nigeria’s president and the followership of tens of thousands? Lawd have mercy. Wait, I think I should just strap on a Nazi shirt and start yelling “heil Hitler”. Funnier is that, only few see it as silly or the dangers. Just another thing said that messes with your mind, sits in your subconscious and guides your actions. 

    Just one more thing to mess up an already messed up world. 

    Anyway, let me go see what ElNathan is up to, he sure has gone over the bend these days

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