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    Marriage Proposals For Yoruba Demons

    So I just saw this video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend and asking her to marry him. He was on one knee, the ring and the whole nine yards and the next thing, this girl went off like a effing volcano

    “What the eff? I am not going to marry you. Are you effing crazy? “

    In public. 

    See lets be honest, therr aint no way in hell that’s going to happen to me. Thank God I am a Yoruba Demon anyway. If I ever find a need to pop such a crazy question, it will not be in public and it most certainly wont be a question like “will you marry me? “

    BS aside, why would I want to put myself out like that? Like lay your heart out on a chance of having it crushed? I must hace hit my head to have that happen to me. 

    What happened to you are both at a dinner and you say “errr……I have been thinking about this marriage thing……”

    Or She made some bomb dinner and I go like “you know, I won’t mind this type of life for the rest of my life if you are interested”

    I mean the best proposal I have heard is by this guy who just had ex with his girl and she asked 
    “You know you did not ue protection right? “

    The guy was already half asleep and with his back turned said

    “Whats the worst that can happen? You get pregnant and we get married. Isn’t that what we both want?”

    Real, short, no heart breaking replies and even if she turns it down, it is manageable.

    Please, emotional trauma is not my thing abeg.

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