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    Setting up a piggybank

    Fools rush in. 

    Yes truely they do, but then being spontaneous is described as sexy and a sport for the brave and lion hearted. *rolls eyes* 

    Keep rushing in and jumping eh. 

    So at the begining of this year a friend from afar said on twitter that this year, everyone must save money. He actually suggested that people get “Kolos” (those little boxes that you throw spare money into) some people call it piggy banks but this is not a John Malkovic thing (reference reffering to the Movie “Red” where he yelled “I’m getting a pig” so lets just say I could not do this for a while but then having a Kolo is not my thing. 

    But then I can just throw cash into my bank account which I do but then, I get these spare change that I wonder how they go in and go out. So I decided to do my own kolo last month but this was by registering with an “Alajo” (thrift collector) yes, it sounds so old school and 1930 but eff you. I was given this little white card and all, I picked an amount I felt was safe with and I could maintain even though I actually doubted that I could make that daily. 

    So 21st of July, I started and my thrift collector comes daily. Well lets see how well that goes. 

    Ake (Books and Arts )Festival comes up in November, and inside sources say registration will be 5k this year (inflation, exchange rates and all). It is not about the 5k though just that its Ake Festival. That 4 days which turns out to be some sort of meeting point of almost half of my active twitter followers. Last year it almost felt like a planned meet up between us, this year promises to be same. 

    I remember last year, I actually saw a sculpture of my grand uncle(He is still alive too) in the Abeokuta cultural centre. I tell people I can easily claim to be from Ogun, Lagos, Ondo and Osun States and they dont believe and that was proof of my Ogun side Ota actually but dont make me pull out my Isale Awori in Lagos on you. Then there was the hall we named “Hall of Unclad women’s paintings” cos that is what was there. Ake knocks……but will I go? Maybe I will but then, I am not feeling that book festival mood in me but the weather can change. 

    Oh, Lola Shoneyin cut her braids. I think she increased registration fees to buy relaxers though (#jokes) I wanna put that on twitter but she might get angry and not see the joke. I wonder whats up with females these days and turning jokes against us. Y’all have made simple jokes complicated. 

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