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    I hate side shots

    In my secondary school, a girl said she always thought I was tall until she saw my brother. That dude is still taller than me safe and too bad I am not growing any taller. When we were younger, other families competed based on everything else, my bro, sis and I competed based on height.

    If you could jump and touch the fan then you are tall. My bro being the tallest had one hell of a horizontal jump but I always had a thing for stepping back and taking 2 steps before I jumped. My sis……well she always came last, sue me.

    So what did the jumping contest with my brother cause? We both developed an interest for basketball and my bro grew went on the be a Power forward/ center while because I was used to taking some steps before I jumped, played guard cos I love running before jumping so my lay up became crazy.

    On my home court, I am one of the fastest on the ball and when I drive, I almost don’t even think, all I know is 3 steps, I am in the air and the basket……to guard me, you have to be fast (I have not seen the person that can meet me sha) and then you have to anticipate my shot…… I developed a technique too. 

    When you jump, there is always a point where you are at the maximum height and that’s where a lot of people take their shot from cos it gives them a good look above the defense and makes shooting easier but me? Hell no. You see, when you are at that spot, you are easier to guard since the defender already expects that you will shoot at that point and he will be ready to block or disturb you.

    When I shoot, I jump, get set for the shot so if you touch me, I get a foul and I don’t shoot when I am at the maximum height. I shoot when I am going down. The ball leaves my hand just when I am about to hit the ground which means I actually hesitate in mid air and wait until the energy the defender pull off has dissipated and his hand is not in my face anymore.

    This is effective cos when I jump, I already look at the bucket and calculate things like distance, force which I should shoot with, the angle and stuff so I just factor them in and let the ball go.

    What a beauty…..

    And oh…… I Hate side shots……

    So I developed this from the height measurement as a child cos that’s when I knew the energy in a Jump is maximum when you peak when you go down, that’s just gravity and you don’t have to spend a lot of energy. Did I mention my Bro went ahead to play for his polythenic? While I played basketball for my secondary school and then play for fun now just to enjoy the sport

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