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    Cash Rules Everything Around Me (CREAM)

    You living in that 21st century, futuristic fly shît
    the penal system, justice system
    everybody flies profit
    You know what time it is
    they can’t stop us the profits
    Jay Z

    The first two lines tell us what is wrong with the world today…….everybody is going for the profits in monetary terms and we are leaving profits in making the world a better place out. We are not looking to help one another so we can be at peace with ourselves. We rather want more money and we stop at nothing to get it. We think the world is all about making money and amassing wealth so we head for it.

    We have thrown personnal fulfillment in the thrash hence we don’t care about helping our neighbor smile……no one cares about the next person in a mad rush to be “Looking at life through singlasses and a sunroof” hence we see old friends who are not as wealthy as we are as unsuccessful. 

    We describe wealth in terms of the brand of car we drive. We define the worth of people by how much they have in their account and we classify people by which estates they live. In this mad struggle, we turn to crime. We turn to doing less salvory things for wealth and we get praised for it while those who are satified with having peace of mind and keeping sane are called foolish.

    We want the new phones and cars at all cost so we “improvise” at work. We lie to friends and make false profiles to swindle people of their cash cos they are so trusting of us. We make Bill Gates our mentor cos he is rich and nothing else. No one cares about Ghandi anymore and Mother Theressa is a like a myth in one of “Lady bug’s” books.

    We want the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, we want the Lamboghini and the porsches. We want the Rolls Roycles and we call them a measure of success.

    Why was I born into this crazy time? Why was I not born into the time when Humans valued one another and helped one another cos they saw them as humans and not investments. What am I forced to follow these crazy madness of CREAM “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”I guess at this point I should stop before I start asking questions that led me towards athesim years ago. But I will end with….
    Take me away like the state penetetiary
    Take me away in a casket or a Bentley
    Take me away like a bullet from Curt Cocaine suicide

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