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    I am Nigerian and proud

    I am sick of people asking what tribe I am or some things like that. I refuse to be defined by my tribe. I refuse to be defined by my color and race. There is just two basis of definition I will accept for myself.

    I am first of all Human and then I am Nigerian

    If you want any other description, sorry but it is not available. I am not gonna go down to the level of calling myself a certain tribe cos I was born there or my parents can trace their anscestory there. 

    Why must we be bothered with what tribe and what state you come from sef? Some people will say only an indigene of a state should be governor and I ask them

    Define Indigene?

    Imagine a case where you claim to be from a state and yet you were born somewhere else. You have not been to that state ever when you want to get into politics, they tell you you must bet involved in the politics of that state. Why. You don’t know jack about the state so I don’t see how you can contribute meaningfully instead you should get involved in the state you are familiar with and you know their problems.

    I am not an agent of splitting and tribalism. I have sworn my alleigance to that green and white flag.
    I have promised to lay my life down for the entity Nigeria
    and for it’s cause I gladly and willingly say this
    I am Nigerian and proud

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